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Testo max Review : What you need to know before buying it

With the right physique people naturally look good in different outfits and tend to be overly confident about themselves, we also can’t deny that they look enviable.

What you don’t see behind the well-structured body is the hard work, perseverance, and resilience that many people are afraid to put up with, and that is one of the reasons why the anabolic steroid black market keeps thriving.

Anabolic steroids are normally used in hospitals to treat some medical condition like the different types of anaemia, they are at times given to patients who lose weight because of unexplained medical reasons, to help them regain and maintain their normal weight.

Also, men who don’t produce enough testosterone of their own are prescribed for the anabolic steroids by specialist doctors. So in a bid to attain the perfect physique, many people would rather take the back route (steroids) than exercise to build muscle and cut fat.

However, we cannot entirely attribute the lack of exercising to laziness, because life nowadays is demanding and many people work more than one job to make ends meet, the remaining free time is, therefore, spent with friends and family.

Anabolic-androgenic steroids promise to improve the body’s physique but their side effects are severe and intolerable. However, you can still take safe testosterone supplements such as the Testo Max, which is a natural testosterone supplement with mild side effects that will help you grow muscle.

What is Testo Max

Testosterone Booster

Man is by nature inclined to find solutions to problems affecting their livelihood and part of the reason why Testo Max was developed. The product is a Testosterone supplement made of natural ingredients that will interact with your body causing little or no side effects. It is thus designed to stimulate testosterone production, which consequently helps to improve the body’s sexual function and physique.

Testo Max was developed as a natural supplement to replace Sustanon, which is an artificial testosterone injected into the body to enhance testosterone production.

Sustanon injections are among the products banned by the World Anti Doping Agency because it is believed to enhance performance thus giving some athletes an unfair advantage over their opponents.

The testosterone injections also do carry some very serious health risks, especially when used without directions from a physician. Its constitution is also not very safe for people with allergies to soya and peanut, this is because the injections contain Arachis oil.

The most common side effects experienced under the use of the Sustanon injections is weight gain, male pattern baldness, irritability, facial hair and anxiety among others.

Given the above side effects if you decide to use the Sustanon injections then you will have to consequently carry out blood tests to monitor your cholesterol levels, testosterone levels and the levels of the prostate-specific antigens.

The testosterone injections are not all bad and do have some positive benefits to the body, for example, they do help with the development of bones and muscles.

Sustanon stimulates the production of the red blood cells and apart from enhancing the levels of testosterone in males, it also helps them in developing a deep voice. The above benefits can however not be compared to what Crazy bulk developed (Testo Max), which offers a natural and improved formulation of the Sustanon injections.

Testo Max from Crazy Bulk, therefore, offers users a legal approach in enhancing performance by intensifying the secretion of testosterone. So, if you have been wanting to grow more muscle, gain stamina and strength and cut cycles then Testo max is your go-to testosterone booster.

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How does Testo Max Work

To understand how Testo Max works it is important that we analyze the ingredients used in its constitution. You must, however, understand that by taking the Testo Max supplements, your body will benefit in more ways than one. For example, gym-goers will take a shorter time to recover, and naturally build their muscles.

To come up with the testosterone booster, Crazy Bulk combined both natural and artificial ingredients in form of the D-aspartic acid used to provide sufficient amino acids, though the latter is in minimal quantities; it actively participates in the secretion of testosterone in the body.

Let us, therefore, break down into the ingredients used in the making of Testo Max and how they enhance the body towards achieving the relevant objective of bulking.

Testo Max Main ingredients

Testo max Review

Nettle leaf Extract

Nettel leaf together with its root, has varied health benefits to human health, in general, is that they do help reduce inflammation, translate that to working out because gym-goers stand to benefit from this attribute.

The leaf also treats enlarged prostate symptoms, helps lower blood pressure and aids in blood sugar control. And when it comes to enhancing testosterone levels, nettle leaves have the ability to deactivate the sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) that has been known to stick to testosterone thus making it not bioavailable.

Therefore, by incorporating Nettle leaf in Testo Max, it will inhibit the activities of SHBG, thus free testosterones to encourage their increase. And with the testosterone levels boosted users will experience easy muscle building, improved sexual performance, and health.

Fenugreek Extract

The effectiveness of Fenugreek was derived from a test carried out on men between the ages of 43 and 75. The test showed that by taking about 600 mg of fenugreek seed extract on a daily basis, men would experience an increase in their testosterone levels and enhanced libido.

Fenugreek has for a long time been known for its powerful medicinal properties bearing its roots in North Africa and India. The plant has become popular and is now grown all over the globe. Even more interesting is that its seeds, leaves, and roots are beneficial in other areas such as in the making of popular ingredients, teas, and tonics.

The health benefits of fenugreek are numerous and inexhaustible for example its seeds are very rich in coumarins and saponins, the chemicals have also been known to offer the body a variety of health benefits like reducing cholesterol levels and blood sugar. As concerns, the testosterone levels fenugreek will naturally increase their levels.

Supplements such as Testo Max are known to contain fenugreek and that is why they are widely being adopted to help increase testosterone levels naturally.

Remember that as you grow older the levels of testosterone will decline and that is when you will attract other undesirable health conditions like diabetes and obesity, so the best way to avoid the above ailments is by using supplements to provide your body with an extra dose of testosterone.

Fenugreek extracts incorporated in Testo Max will afford your body with all the above benefits and also improve sex drive, encourage high energy levels and activate the muscle-building process.

fenugreek seeds

Red ginseng extract

Red ginseng has a couple of proven health benefits and the reason why it has been widely adopted in traditional Chinese medicine.

The plant grows very slowly has very fleshy roots and is also short, the plants have three classifications, which are white ( harvested between 4 and 6 years), fresh ginseng ( harvested before 4years)  and red ginseng that is normally (harvested after 6 years).

Given that the red ginseng has been included in the Testo max supplements, your body will benefit from reduced inflammation, the functionality of your brain will be greatly improved and for the individuals suffering from erectile dysfunction then that situation could be improved with the red ginseng.

The benefits of the plant are many and as concerns, the testosterone levels, the plant’s extracts are known to deactivate dioxins that could negatively affect the level of testosterone in the body. Users may also experience enhanced libido.

Other ingredients in Testo Max

Apart from the natural ingredients Testo Max is also heavily equipped with nutrients all working towards enhancing your testosterone levels; for example, the incorporated vitamin K helps in the proper absorption of vitamin D, which consequently increases its levels, therefore, with an increase in vitamin D your testosterone levels will automatically shoot up.

In a research conducted to determine the efficiency of vitamin K in enhancing testosterone levels, it was discovered that vitamin k1 does not help enhance testosterone production but MK4 has been found to significantly encourage testosterone production.

The conclusion of the test showed that with the supplementation of MK4 the downregulation of testosterone production in older individuals could be reversed.

Other benefits of vitamin K that you might be able to derive by taking the Testo Max supplement is that they help in blood clotting, regulation of blood calcium levels and is also needed for bone metabolism.

Vitamin K has been known to produce the protein and clotting factor prothrombin necessary for clotting and bone metabolism.


Magnesium has been determined to be effective in ensuring that your testosterone levels are back to normal if the decrease was caused by a deficiency.

CrazyBulk Testo-Max Natural Testosterone Booster with Powerful Ingredients for Muscle Gains, Stamina, Strength, Energy, Bulking and Cutting (120 Capsules) Crazy Bulk has incorporated magnesium in the manufacture of Testo Max because its supplementation increases the free and total bodily testosterone in men of different activity levels.

Magnesium is also believed to normalize the sleeping patterns and remember that testosterone is mostly synthesized when you are sleeping; therefore, with good sleep quality, a good amount of testosterone will be produced.

Other benefits of magnesium to the body are that they help enhance healthy bone formation, improve cardiovascular health, prevent migraines and anxiety.


The effect of Zinc on testosterone levels in your body has been backed by research, it was discovered that men who partake of 30 milligrams of zinc every day had increased levels of the free testosterone in their bodies. Important to note is that sperm health is also dependant on the levels of zinc in one’s body.

Since zinc is already incorporated in the Testo Max users will also benefit from improved memory and ease in learning new things. They will benefit from the treatment of common cold and faster wound healing.


Boron metabolizes vitamins and minerals in the diet, which then improves blood flow, thus help maintain balanced androgen hormones like testosterone.

Boron is normally prevalent in women; its mechanism of action is thus aggressive during the secretion of testosterone. So when the estrogen levels are lowered, boron inadvertently encourages testosterone synthesis.

Other health benefits of boron to the body include improved brain function; helps with kidney stones, prevents oxidative stress, will help to metabolize insulin and prevents vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin B6

Apart from testosterone production vitamin B6 helps people with memory and cognitive functions, the nutrient is also involved in the autonomic processes of the immune and nervous systems.

The effectiveness of vitamin B6 in the increase of testosterone levels in the body has been backed by research and is thus believed that the nutrient helps during the recycling of receptors from the nucleus back to the cytosol after initial translocation.

How to use Testo Max

Like any other supplement, Crazy Bulk’s Testo Max should be taken with regard to manufacturer’s instructions to inhibit any adverse side effects that might threaten your overall well being.

Remember that as you introduce supplements to your body, it will take some time before your body gets used to their presence and functions, more so those that work with the body hormones.

You will, therefore, find in each bottle of the Testo max, up to 120 tablets, but don’t be deceived to think that this is a huge number first because of effectiveness and second because of the number of tablets that you will have to take each day.

Supplements work differently in each person’s body, some people may take longer to see results, while others will see results in less time.

Testo Max is a pre-workout supplement and it is thus recommended that you take it at least 20 minutes before you take your breakfast in the morning, the same dosage procedure applies on the days that you are working out and on the rest days. You will, therefore, take up to four capsules in one serving every day.

If you do your calculations well, you will discover that the capsules will last you 30 days, after which you should be able to see some significant change in your body.

But remember that for the capsules to work you also have to combine it with exercises, and if the training gets lighter you will have to find different intense activities that will help push the muscles out and cut the fat.

Since the capsules don’t have any negative effect on the body, it would be best if you used them for two months so that they interact with your body to produce the desired change and effect, after which you will take a one and half weeks break before you resume.

And until you see results quitting is not an option, unless if the side effects are unbearable or there is no visible change since the time of usage.

Your nutrition should also be a priority if you decide to take on this journey and the simple reason is that the supplements will not work alone, so if you incorporate in your diet foods with high calories and carbohydrates then you should be able to see the desired results in less time.

Strength training, good nutrition, and the Testo max supplements are all different aspects that when combined will work to achieve one objective, which is to boost the testosterone levels in your body.

Stack options for Testo Max

There is never a one size fits all regimen, in almost everything that people do and while one individual will want to stick with one supplement, others will opt for a combination to achieve a powerful effect thus quick and positive results.

Stacking supplements is not a new thing; however, there is a problem with the specific products that can be stacked with the supplement that you are currently using.

We, therefore, have good news for you, Testo Max can be stacked with quite a good number of other supplements and by using this combination you stand to achieve an increase in muscle mass, achieve quick recovery time and boost your strength.

Example of supplements that you can stack with the Crazy Bulk’s Testo max

  1. Decaduro (Deca-Durabolin)
  2. Trenorol (Trenbolone)
  3. D-Bal (Dianabol)
  4. Anadrole (Anadrol)

The benefits of Testo Max

weight gainer

Testo Max is a natural alternative to the synthetic Sustanon, that alone should tell you that the pros of the supplements far outweigh the pros of Sustanon. The latter constitutes chemicals and the mode of administration is not very welcoming when compared to the oral Testo Max capsules.

Crazy Bulk formulated Testo Max with natural ingredients that are bound to interact with different people and minimal cases of rejection or allergic reactions. The supplement does not contain any illicit substance in its formulation making it very legal to use.

Users using the capsules stand to gain huge muscles which will give them strength and in the process enhance their performance. And for those who want to achieve the perfect physique, you could give Testo Max a shot as it will provide you with stamina complete with a well-chiseled body.

Many gym-goers have experienced the problem of slow recovery during workouts, which makes them spend a lot of time resting in the gym between workouts. If you suffer from such a problem then Testo Max is your supplement as it will help ensure that you recover quickly between workouts and also give you the strength to train harder.

And since Testo max is all about testosterone, male users will experience an enhanced sexual drive, and those who have problems with sexual performance then things will definitely take a turn for the best. Sustanon utilizes needles, while with Testo Max you only need to get something to help push the capsule down the throat.

Lastly, you can expect to start seeing results at least two weeks after usage, but when combined with a proper diet and intense exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any risks to taking Testo Max

Testo max is mainly made of natural ingredients and should not be expected to exhibit severe side effects. However, there have been a few reported mild side effects, such as diarrhea, frequent erections, dizziness, nausea and feelings of hunger.

  • Are testosterone boosters healthy for the human body?

Testosterone supplements carry a lot of tempting promises the most important one being to enhance sexual function and vitality, and the restoration of the muscle mass.

A rule of thumb is that if you are not sure of the testosterone booster that you are getting over the counter then check the ingredients and read the reviews to determine if they actually increase testosterone levels as some of them come with severe health issues.

And if you don’t find sufficient information visit the manufacturing company’s website for more information.

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  • What happens to the body when it is exposed to steroids for an extended period?

Taking steroids for an extended time might impact your health negatively, for example, you could develop cataracts, you will also be predisposed to infections such as viral and bacterial infections. And you will also be susceptible to high blood sugar, which will inadvertently trigger or worsen diabetes.

  • Do steroids work for everyone?

Steroids work the same as drugs and are thus not meant to be used by everyone; there are some conditions that will not allow you to use steroids, and you should, therefore, consult your physician before you decide to use any steroids.

Besides, most steroids feature results backed by scientific research, that prove that they work, however, it should be noted that some of this research is not conducted on humans but rather rats. Interactions are therefore bound to be different. But there are other research tests that are purely conducted on humans.

  • How Legit is Testo Max?

Testo Max is a testosterone booster that has replaced the hormone replacement therapy, and from the ingredients used in its preparation, it is a natural and legal option when compared to Sustanon. Testo Max is also one of the established top natural testosterone booster in the market that is not only safe but also easy to use.

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