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Best Supplement Stack to Get Ripped

Most of us seeking for the best supplement stack to get ripped want a shredded lean body with a six pack and well-drawn out muscles. While this is possible to achieve by working out, it is very difficult to get fully ripped without providing your body with supplements.

Supplements help the body burn fat quicker and help increase and build muscle faster. A supplement pack on the other had is a group of supplements manufactured and packed by one manufacturer meant to be taken together to help you reach your body goals.

Supplement packs are given not only for getting ripped but also for overall health, burning fat and building muscle. A stack also does not need to be a lot of supplements, it can be anywhere between two and six supplements all with one goal: to rip you up proper.

You can form your own supplement stack but this is not recommended since measuring the right amount of different components is near impossible. With a manufacturer based supplement stack, all the i  ngredients have been properly measured to avoid side effects and prevent taking excess of one thing.

How do supplement stacks for leaning work?

To understand how they work, you need to know what getting ripped is. Getting the body ripped means that all muscles are clearly showing and that there is the least amount of fat in your body.

Supplements work by first burning the excess fat in your body to get the ripped physique.

They work opposite to mass gainers that are meant to increase the fat content in your body.

These supplements remove fat from stubborn areas of the body such as the lower abdomen in a process known as thermogenesis, they suppress your appetite to prevent food cravings and boost your energy on a low calorie diet so that you’re able to work out even without the energy food provides.

What to consider when looking for a fat burner supplement stack

Different people have different needs and because of this, you have to always pick a supplement stack that best suits your body and needs. One of the most important things to consider is the ingredients. Look for a supplement stack with the right amount of ingredients such as caffeine and green tea extract.

Also consider the mode of usage. Most supplement stacks are powders that should be mixed with water. If you do not want this, go for pills or any other form available. Another factor that some may consider less important but certainly isn’t is the flavor.

Supplements are usually flavored to taste better for people to drink as they should. Although some supplements are unflavored, always go for a supplement that has flavor such as chocolate, vanilla or strawberry among others.

Other factors include the size and price. Depending on how long you want to use the supplement, always go for a larger size rather than buying every month.

This is more cost effective. Lastly, pick a supplement stack within your budget since there is always a product for all price ranges. With that, the following are the best supplement stacks to get ripped.

Best Supplement Stacks to Get Ripped

MuscleTechHydroxycut Next Gen


The MuscleTech booster is an advanced fat burner that is guaranteed to implement immediate weight loss. It has been around and in use for two decades now and has helped a lot of users on their weight loss journey.

The Next Gen is a new and improved version with the perfect combination of key ingredients. Like many other fat burners, the Hydroxycut is thermogenic meaning it boosts your metabolism to higher rates.

This means you will be able to burn fat faster hence reducing your weight significantly. Similarly, if you want to get ripped, just one dose a day is needed to push your to your maximum work out intensity.

Because of this, the product should be taken just before hitting the gym. A standard package of this product contains a hundred capsules with a recommended dose of two tablets half an hour before your two largest meals of the day.

MuscleTechHydroxycut contains the following key ingredients: coleus, Blue Scullcap, Guayusa and yohimbe. These provide you with the lots of energy and mental focus throughout the day.


  • It works as a mood booster
  • It is reasonably priced and has excellent value for money
  • It uses all natural ingredients
  • It is a very effective fat burner
  • It provides lots of energy for you to work out beyond your limits


  • It does not have appetite suppression properties

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Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner


The Burn XT is wonderful choice for anyone who really wants that six pack to show. It is an all-round fat burner that will guarantee you get ripped as fast as possible.

Like the previous product, the Burn XT is also a thermogenic product that helps get rid of fat in tough areas where it may be too difficult to tone down. On top of that, it is also an appetite suppressor and a mood booster which is a great additional plus.

The Burn XT can be used by both males and females which is also a great perk. This supplement uses a blend of natural and inorganic products in the ingredients.

The ingredients include: cayenne pepper extract, green tea extracts,acetyl-l-carnitine and black pepper extract. The ingredients are safe and work very effectively.

For each serving the following amounts are consumed: 50 mg of cayenne pepper extract,450 mg green tea extracts,700 mg acetyl-l-carnitine and 5 mg black pepper extract.


  • This supplement is very effective and will get you results fast
  • It is an all-round supplement stack with all necessary ingredients
  • The Burn XT works as a mood booster too
  • It can be used by both men and women


  • It is a bit pricey

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Old School Labs Vintage Burn Supplement Stack

Old School Labs

The Old School is a top quality supplement used by both men and women. Like the previous two supplements, it is a thermogenic supplement that helps eliminate fat in areas where you’re having trouble trying to lose it.

The Old School is guaranteed to make you get ripped in no time. On top of this, the supplement acts as a mood booster for those low days you don’t feel like working out, increases mental focus throughout the day and suppresses your appetite. We tested the Old School for ingredients.

The product was found to contain natural fat burning contents such as caffeine. It was also found to be vegan friendly as it uses plant based ingredients which is a great additional perk.

These ingredients include the following: green tea leaf extract, raspberry ketones, Green coffee bean extract, Caffeine, Chrysin and Bacopa leaf extract among others. The product contains a total of nine ingredients

The Vintage Burn is guaranteed to get you ripped in no time. In fact, the company manufacturer has a money back guarantee in case this product fails to give you impressive results. The Old School is a capsule that is take every day with meals. It should be taken for at least two months to provide the best results.

OLD SCHOOL LABS - The Power Sculpt Stack - Vintage Burn (Muscle-Preserving Fat Burner), Vintage Brawn (Premium Protein Blend), Vintage Burst (3-Hour Natural Nitric Oxide Booster)

If you are looking to combine a muscle burning product with protein and natural nitric oxide booster, get this Old School Labs Vintage deal. it combines one of the best weight loss suplements and protein and a booster that gives you fuller muscles and vascularity.


  • It is a plant-based supplement meaning it is vegan friendly
  • The company has a money back policy in case the product does not work for you
  • It provides lots of energy for you to work out beyond your limits
  • It works as a mood booster and increases focus throughout the day


  • It is slightly expensive

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Lean PM Night Time Fat Burner

LEAN PM Night time

The Lean PM Supplement stack is a wonderful choice for anyone looking to get ripped. It is a high quality natural supplement that works for both men and women.

It is also stimulant free as it is made without any stimulant ingredients such as caffeine. What this means is, there will be a lower chance of having side effects of common stimulants such as jitters and headaches.

The Lean PM is a synergistic supplement that works to provide maximum burning of fat. Other additional perks include: a feeling of relaxation, better sleep and improved mood and energy through the day.

The reason the supplement is referred to as a ‘night time’ supplement is due to its ability to suppress night food cravings that may occur and ruin your workout and calorie regimen.

The product guarantees that you will wake up with minimal cravings in the morning feeling energized to work out.the product is cGMP certified meaning it is safe and pure and doesn’t have any serious side effects for majority of its users.


  • It is guaranteed to eliminate fat and ensures weight loss
  • It curbs sugar cravings
  • The Lean PM Supplement has been reported to help with bloated stomach
  • it ensures better quality of sleep for some users
  • it is cGMP certified for safety and purity of the product


  • It may have adverse side effects for some users such as nausea, twitching and vomiting in extreme cases

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Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack


The Crazy Bulk Bulking stack is slightly different from other supplements on our list. This is because it is considered more of a legal steroid rather than your regular supplement. What this means is that it is much more effective in building muscle and getting your body ripped.

In terms of results, this product provides the fastest and best results making it one of the best supplements you can buy today. it is guaranteed to help you eliminate fat while improving performance for athletes in an effective way.

As a Crazy Bulk supplement stack, the product comes with three main products inside the package: trenorol, anadrole and decaduro. The first product enhances muscle growth, anadrole defines your body shape in a more cut manner and the decaduro provides ultimate strength for your workout regimen


  • It is a legal steroid meaning it provides faster results
  • it is cGMP certified for safety and purity of the product
  • It is quite affordable and offers excellent value for money
  • It works as a mood booster and increases focus throughout the day


  • The product may have adverse side effects for a minority of users

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Evlution Nutrition Trans4orm Thermogenic Energizing Fat Burner

Thermogenic Energizing Fat Burner

When it comes to highly effective supplements for getting lean and ripped, the Evlution should be a top consideration for anyone. It is an advanced fat loss supplement that will eliminate all the fat that is stubborn to get rid of and ensure you fat content is as low as possible.

On top of this, the product contains thermogenic properties that raise your energy levels and ensure you push the limits while working out. Furthermore, the product increases your metabolism so that you can burn and get ripped faster, improves your mood and reduces your appetite to reduce your fat intake.

The Evlution is also a high quality product made from plant based premium ingredients for safety and quality. Some of the top ingredients include L-tyrosine, choline and L-carnitine, which are all fat burners.

There are also natural extracts such as black pepper,huperziaserrata, yohimbe and coleus. If you want to practice intermittent fasting, this is wonderful choice for you


  • The product is guaranteed to eliminate fat in no time
  • It contains appetite suppressing properties for intermittent fasting
  • It uses natural products
  • It increases the body’s metabolism


  • It may have adverse side effects for few of its users such as nausea

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NutratechAtrafen Pro-3 in 1 Stimulant Free Fat Burner

NutratechAtrafen Pro

The Nutratech is a three in one fat burner that ensures you reach all your body goals in no time. Each pill contains three main ingredients that will help in your fitness journey.

On top of being a fat burner, this product is also works as a powerful colon cleanser, probiotic support and detox and this is why it referred to as a three in one supplement. This means that you do not need to buy separate probiotic and fat burner.

This makes it a much more cost effective option for people looking for these properties.  Furthermore, the product ensures that there are no side effects for its users such as headaches and nausea.

Made in the USA, the product is safe and FDA approved for health safety. Lastly, the Nutratech Company has a money back policy in case you do not like the product. The return should be made within 30 days of purchase


  • It is a great supplement for people looking to improve their overall health
  • It is made from very natural products to eliminate the risk of side effects
  • The Nutratech is great for people with sensitive bodies and bad reactions
  • It offers great value for money since it is a three in one supplement
  • The product helps with increased energy levels


  • It is expensive

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Animal Cuts Fat Burner Supplement

Best Supplement Stack to Get Ripped

Animal Cuts is a multiple supplement in one product that helps you get the best body and six pack you’ve ever dreamed of. The product is quite affordable and guarantees results within the first two months of usage. Like many products on our list, it is also a thermogenic product.

This means it ensures fat is eliminated from all the tough areas. It contains eight ingredients all of which are fat burners, this goes to show you just how the product can be effective.

This supplement is also contains nootropic properties which are essential in keeping the mind and body working together in shape. It also sheds water in the body to ensure you get that clean cut out body.

The product is powerful due to the high quality ingredient complexes it contains such as:Thermogenic complex, Diuretic complex, Cortisol Inhibiting complex, metabolic complex, Appetite suppression complex among others. All these help the body burn stored fat and spares the muscles. Finally, the product should be used with a healthy diet and regular exercise


  • It contains eight ingredients all of which are fat burners
  • It also sheds water in the body to ensure you get that clean cut out body
  • The product has eight complexes to eliminate fat and get you ripped
  • It has a positive effect on the skin


  • The taste may be off putting for some users

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CellucorSuperHDFat Burner Supplement Stack


The CellucorSuperHD supplement is a top supplement for anyone looking to get shredded. It can be used by both men and women. This product is unique in how it works as it works using its nootropic properties to produce faster and better results.

It acts as a fat burner but also aims to increase the body’s metabolism for a quicker result. The SuperHD is also known to boost energy levels so that you are able to push your body to the limits during workouts.

The SuperHD supplement is also known to be an appetite suppressor. By doing this, you are able to control portions better and reduce sugar and snack cravings that may deter and slow your progress.

This helps you maintain your body weight as well as the fat content inside the body. On top of this, the product acts as a mood booster, improves focus and concentration and generally increases motivation for workouts.

It has a long list of ingredients that make this product a fantastic choice for anyone looking to get ripped. Some include: calcium, niacin, vitamin B6 and B12, Dandelion Root Extract, Red Pepper Fruit, Evodiamine, Caffeine, among others.


  • It is made from very natural products to eliminate the risk of side effects
  • It acts as a fat burner but also aims to increase the body’s metabolism for a quicker result
  • The product acts as a mood booster and helps improves focus
  • The Cellucor works using its nootropic properties to produce faster and better results
  • It is cheap and offers excellent value for money


  • There are no flavored options

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Nature Wise CLA 1250 Lean MuscleSupplement

 Nature Wise CLA 1250

Our final product is a high quality lean muscle supplement especially built to improve the body’s fat and muscle ratio. The product works perfectly for both men and women. The fact that it is a CLA supplement means that it works both as a fat loss regimen as well as helps gain lean muscle.

On top of this, the product is made from natural ingredients and non-GMO products such as safflower oil. The products are also non-stimulating and non-addictive which is a great plus for anyone who want 100% natural products.


  • The product comes as a two month supply
  • It is made from natural products that are non-stimulating and non-addictive
  • It ensures all the fat is burned while still building muscle
  • The product acts as a mood booster and helps improves focus
  • The NatureWise is affordable


  • It comes with lots of side effects from extreme sweating to stomach aches

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Final Verdict

The above supplement stack are guaranteed to help you on your body building journey. However, when picking the best, we need to look for one with least to none side effects as well as how fast the product works. The Crazy Bulk Supplement Stack would be the best choice as it is affordable, natural, and provides the fastest results with very little side effects.

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