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How To Gain Weight Fast For Skinny Guys

If you landed on this page by searching in Google “how to gain weight fast for skinny guys” there’s a good chance YOU are a skinny guy who is trying to gain weight.

That is the type of journey that a lot of people are trying to accomplish, yet many of them fail. 

Unfortunately, gaining weight is not about eating anything that is presented to you. Sure, you might pick up some pounds – but we are sure you didn’t decide to read this guide with the goal of getting a big belly.

When it comes to looking at how to gain weight fast for skinny guys, the main aim will generally be to increase muscle mass.

That means no more wearing your shirt in the pool because you simply hate showing off a body that looks like a skeleton. It means picking up girls easier and boasting with more confidence.

We’ll share the best strategies that you need to implement today to gain weight – with the focus on muscle mass, of course.

Gaining Muscle Mass As A Skinny Guy

Learning how to gain weight fast for skinny guys, particularly when you are looking to get a boost in muscle growth and size, should really start with a look at possible mistakes that you might be making at the moment.

Unfortunately, many skinny guys try to eat as much as they can when they try to increase their body weight. Sure, when you eat an excessive number of calories, your weight will surely start to increase gradually. There is a problem with this method; however – you are getting fat, not muscular.

The fat content that collects in your body puts you at risk of adverse effects. You could become obese. Your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions also suddenly start to rise.

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

no cardio

We would like first to consider some of the most serious mistakes that you are making – and then look at ways to counter these mistakes and rather gain weight in a healthy way. The goal here is to equip you with the knowledge that will allow for muscle growth.

Most skinny guys remain at a low weight point because they do not eat enough. Sure, packing in those French fries and even a burger now-and-then might seem like a lot. The reality of the situation – you are not eating as much as you think you are.

If you remain skinny, it means you exert more calories than you eat. Thus, you are not eating enough to gain weight – either as fat or muscle.

If you are eating enough, but gaining all the weight as fat, then you are not eating right. With burgers, French fries, potato chips, and candy on the menu, you are just overloading your body with food that we often call empty calories.

These are the foods that add to your daily calorie intake count, but they do not serve much of a purpose when it comes to contributing to your nutrient intake.

Another very common mistake among skinny guys would be excessive cardio exercises. Jogging is a great way to unwind and even helps you burn through those excess calories – but it will not do much for your muscles.

In fact, jogging and other cardio activities will rather cause you to burn through calories too fast. This makes it even harder to ensure you consume a calorie amount that is higher than what you exert in a single day.

Thus, if you are doing a lot of cardio exercises – then this is another serious mistake you need to avoid.

One last mistake that we want to focus on here – and that is the failure to get stronger. When you are weak, you cannot lift up heavyweights. You need to be able to push your body if you are to gain weight as muscle mass.

If you are weak, then you need to implement strategies that will help you gain in terms of strength. This, in turn, gives you the ability to push yourself harder when participating in strength and resistance training programs.

How Should You Gain Weight?

Now that we considered some common mistakes skinny guys tend to make if they are looking to get broader shoulders, bigger arms, and generally a more masculine body, let’s look at the strategies that you should be using to gain weight.

You need to start by analyzing your own life. Consider how active you are. If you are an active person, what types of activities do you participate in?

As a skinny guy, there is a very likely chance that you are going to answer with walking, jogging, or similar activities.

These are the cardio exercises that will cause you to lose weight and burn through too many calories. It makes it harder to get to your calorie surplus and gain weight.

While we do recommend, you consider this a problem, do note that you should not completely eliminate cardio from your life. Cardio exercises work on the cardiovascular system. They help to get your heart pumping faster.

These activities have been associated with quite a large number of health benefits. Just make sure you limit the number of cardio exercises you participate in.

Also, take a look at what you eat and how much you eat – consider downloading a calorie counter app. These apps will help you realize just how many calories you are really consuming each day. In turn, this helps you realize if you are currently in a calorie deficit or surplus.

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Develop Your Meal Plan

You should be able to determine whether you are consuming enough calories or not by now. You also need to realize how your current physical activity is affecting your ability to gain weight.

The first step would be to adjust the way you eat – this includes a diet that focuses on the right types of food, as well as the appropriate amount of food.

You need a good dose of your macronutrients – this includes some carbohydrates to support energy and endurance during your weight training sessions, protein to help your muscles grow faster and stronger, and an appropriate amount of healthy fats.

Consider adding high-calorie foods in your diet that is also high in carbohydrates and protein. At the same time, your meal plan should also be nutrient-dense. You want to ensure the foods you eat can give you the appropriate vitamins and minerals you need to supply your body with daily.

You can, of course, include some homemade smoothies in your diet as well. This is actually a highly effective way of reaching your calorie goal faster – while also delivering essential nutrients to your body.

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Start With Your Weight Training Sessions

Your weight training routine should be an essential part of your program – you want to increase your lean muscle mass, which means you need to focus on three things:

  • Muscle size
  • Muscle strength
  • Muscle endurance

Create a workout routine that gives you a variety of strength training workouts to participate in – with a primary focus on weight lifting.

A set of about six to eight reps is perfect for gaining muscle size. Here, you can push yourself – once you cannot reach past eight reps in a set, you have achieved the ideal dumbbell weight. For muscle strength, you want to maximize the weight you lift and minimize the number of reps in a set.

When it comes to enhancing muscle endurance, you want an activity that is the complete opposite. Focus on reducing the weight of your barbell and rather increase the number of reps that are part of a single set.


Being skinny is not only something that affects your physical appearance, but there are certain health complications that you need to take into account as well. If you are looking at how to gain weight fast for skinny guys, then this guide offered the perfect collection of tips.

Consider each of the tips we shared and avoid the mistakes we outlined. This will help you gain more muscle mass while ensuring you do not gain in terms of fat.

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