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How To Get Big Arms Fast For Skinny Guys

Are you looking for a how to get big arms fast for skinny guys guide?? You are in the right place but one of the biggest mistakes you’d make if you are a skinny guy looking for bigger arms is to set unrealistic expectations.

You might look at transformation photos on Instagram and marvel at how a skinny guy moves from being a 4 to a 10, but the truth is that the Gram might lie and if the changes are real and not for marketing purposes, then that person will tell you how the growth you’re admiring took years.

The big arms you really want will not appear out of the blue after a week or one month at the gym. It takes time. It is a process. And you cannot rush the process while keeping your body healthy.

If you wish to get big arms, you need to let go of the idea that you will not have to do much for the muscles or that you can place a timeline on the muscle growth.

If you don’t believe us, look around. Your buddies at the gym may have started working out on the same day, and they might have similar goals, but the truth is that they will not be able to achieve the same results even when they eat the same thing or try to do the workouts.

How to Get Bigger Arms Fast – We are all different

Our bodies respond to different diets and work in very different ways, which is why the results will always differ. You need to understand this before you hit the gym, and you also need to set realistic goals/ expectations.

What it all means is that there are things you have to do to grow the arm muscles, but you must be very patient. You also need to take these guiding principles to heart:

  • Less is more
  • The gym look is deceiving (when your workouts involve weights that do not overload the muscles but emphasize strength increase instead, then you should be ready for your biceps to deflate, and there won’t be any actual muscle growth. Muscle hypertrophy is often the cause of the muscle pump, but you need actually to work the muscle for actual and lasting gains).
  • Working the biceps isn’t enough. Focus on building your body’s overall strength
  • You must switch up your exercises and only stick to one or two basic exercises if you keep gaining strength weekly.
  • You must focus on specific muscles for the best benefits

Get Rid Of Skinny Arms – learn how to Get Big Arms Fast

You are here because you think of yourself as an impatient guy looking for easier and faster ways of bulking up.

While there is no easy way to tell you this, we’ll just lead with this – it will take time; unless you incorporate steroids (often illegal and unsafe) into your workout regimen.

Here are some of the healthiest things you should do to bulk up and build muscle/ big arms.

Plan to train every muscle group twice weekly

weekly planner for lifting

Since you are in this for maximum muscle growth, the first thing you should do is to ensure that twice each week; you work on all your muscle groups.

Working a specific muscle group is important because when you are unable to work the muscles harder/ longer, but still capable of dividing the workouts into a 2-day workout streak, you will spur a lot more growth than when you engage in unfocused workouts.

With this in mind, you should split up your weekly routine/ workouts to be based on your body parts (in this case, the arms), and the muscle groups involved.

Eat Right to Bulk Up

 Get Big Arms Fast For Skinny Guys

For the gains you are chasing, you need protein synthesis to be at its highest, and you also need to make sure that your muscle cells have access to adequate nutrients for fast and proper healing of muscle fibers, and for their subsequent growth.

Experts recommend eating a gram of protein matching your ideal weight. You need to eat more proteins because the protein you eat (rather, the amino acids in the proteins), is essential for both muscle recovery plus growth.

You also need to learn how to space your daily protein intake. In a review that was published in the Journal for Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, it was suggested that people need to consume between 25 and 35g of protein in all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), for maximum growth of muscles.

The Diet plan for muscle building is more complicated than it seems. You cant bulk up on one food type alone, you need to adopt to a specific diet that will align with your workout plan. Click below now for a muscle building cookbook that will help you gain muscles fast.

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You need a full range of motion

full range of motion

Wanting bigger arms doesn’t mean that you will only hit the gym and work the arms. You must e ready to engage in a full range of motion for the entire body. Be ready to move your body as much as it is anatomically possible.

For example, if you are doing squats, then you have to go as low as possible, without having to break form. Moving the whole body is important because it will encourage and maximize the adaptation of muscles.

So, even though the partial exercises that focus on specific areas and the muscle groups are important, a fuller range of motion encourages better results.

Note that if you don’t build strength in every part of your body, you will have to lower the weight you want to lift, and that would result in slower muscle growth. However, lifting when the rest of the body works will encourage hypertrophy and muscle gains.


You need to lift weights (3-6) in 6 -12 reps. The repetition is important because muscle growth is very much reliant on your neurological function.

The training stimulus bears a great impact on the degree of muscle growth you will record.

The stimulus, in this case, repeated sets, should be large enough and with the right amount of volume for you to achieve your goals. With the sets you settle on (between 3 and 6), you need to give yourself 30-90 seconds breaks between the sets.

When you perform at least three exercises on each muscle group, you increase the volume and the gains of the muscle group.

Finally, find the best exercise for bigger arms

 Get Big Arms Fast For Skinny Guys

These exercises include:

  1. Incline bicep curl
  2. Diamond press-up
  3. Straight barrel palm up and palms down wrist curls
  4. Concentration curl
  5. Javelin press
  6. Twisting dumbbell curl
  7. Underhand seated row
  8. One-arm tricep extension when seated
  9. Reverse curl straight bar
  10. Lean forward EZ bar curl

In addition to all these tips, you may also want to try to find the best protein powders ideal for skinny guys. The protein powders come in handy when you are unable to get enough proteins from the diet.

To gain muscles and weight, you have to be consistent with the above exercises and also follow the right techniques. Without them, the exercises and diet to build your muscles will all be in vain. Learning basic exercise techniques will  make your workout sessions more successful. You can learn more about muscle building techniques here.

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