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How To Build Bigger Pecs

You have taken the first step toward a healthier and more attractive body. As a skinny guy, the most important step is really to decide that you are going to take action.

Simply starting to exercise and changing your diet might help you gain weight and build up larger muscles, but have you considered what your true goals are?

You need to know how you want to contour your body while gaining muscle mass.

A lot of men simply want to gain weight. For others, there are more specific goals to be reached – such as to focus more on pecs.

If you are looking at how to build bigger pecs, then this is the perfect post for you.

We will take a look at some of the best tips to help you grow those pectoralis major and minor muscles bigger and faster, with just a few potential changes to your existing routine.

Tips To Help You Get Bigger Pecs

Your pecs – or the chest area of your body – holds several major and minor muscle groups. They are generally referred to as the pectoral region.

The pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor are the main muscle groups in the pectoral region. Other muscles in the area include the serratus anterior, as well as the subclavius.

Each of these muscles plays an important role in upper extremity functioning, as well as to protect your entire chest region. Also, building larger packs are sure to contribute to that masculine figure you are trying to achieve.

To build bigger pecs, you need to increase the number of activities, along with their intensity, that focuses on the major muscle groups in your chest.

We share some useful tips to help you get started below…

Start With The Foundation

bench press for bigger pecs

Building muscles takes time, effort, and, most importantly – strategy. With this in mind, you should really start your program by first focusing on the foundations of building bigger pecs. This means you need to target your triceps during the strategy too.

Your triceps play a critical role when it comes to activities like bench presses. Bench presses are essential to building up your pecs – but when your tricep muscles are not strong, then all the resistance you get from the barbel and weights will move to your triceps and not put as much focus on your pecs.

As your triceps become stronger, it starts to lay a foundation for building your pec muscles with the help of weight lifting, bench presses, and similar activities.

In fact, as your triceps get stronger, it will become significantly easier for you to participate in specific weight training exercises that focus on helping to boost the size of your pec muscles.

Focus On The Right Physical Training Protocols

chest workout

When you are trying to build pec muscles, you need to be aware of which exercises are helpful and will ensure your chest muscles grow larger and stronger.

At the same time, you need to ensure that you do not only focus on your chest muscles – as you do need to target other muscle groups in your body too.

As we have already mentioned, one of your most important training protocols would be weight lifting. Bench pressing is exceptionally useful for not only building your triceps – but this activity also focuses on your chest muscles.

There are different types of bench presses that you can perform, however. You need to ensure you implement a good variety of these activities to really maximize the benefits you gain from your training program.

Consider doing both inclined and declined bench presses. These focus on targeting different muscles in the chest area, which would ultimately provide for a far more defined appearance as your pec starts to expand.

Many skinny guys may still lack the strength they would need for a full bench press at the beginning.

You obviously want to push yourself to the limit, but still, need to get stronger.

In these cases, consider pec stretching. This works similar to how you would do a bench press – instead of using a full bar with weights attached to it, however, rather consider getting your hands on two dumbbells instead.

You may find that the use of dumbbells gives you better control when your strength in the triceps and pecs are not yet where you want it to be.

The dumbbells will also help to stretch your pec muscles, something that is important when it comes to activating the hypertrophy process that helps your muscles grow larger during physical exercise.

Tips For Training Your Pecs

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while you are performing weight training exercise, with a particular focus on bench presses, to help you build your pecs larger and faster:

  • 1. While performing bench presses with a barbell, in particular, consider utilizing an underarm grip. This type of grip with a bench press routine will focus on the upper pec muscles. What this means is that you are not only increasing the strength of the size of your triceps but also help you increase the size of your pecs much faster.
  • 2. Another excellent activity that you should consider implementing is the popular “flys.” These activities focus on reducing the focus of a weight lifting activity on the triceps and rather move the pressure to the pectorals. You still get to experience a growth in both size and strength in your triceps, but you also focus on forming the desired V shape in your pecs at the same time.
  • 3. The dead stop exercise is often associated with back days – as this particular activity is known to be very helpful when it comes to enhancing the strength and mass of your back muscles. What you may not realize is that the dead stop press up may also be useful for getting bigger pecs. Make sure to let go of the floor at the moment when the barbell reaches your chest – this is how you take advantage of the dead stop when looking at how to build bigger pecs.

You will be able to gain access to all of the equipment needed to perform these activities at the gym.

You can, however, also consider getting your hands on some equipment to perform these activities at home – this means a single investment, and you have everything you need without the need to visit a local gym every time you want to get a few sets in.

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It even includes a rack that will keep your barbell and the weights that you need quick access to at hand’s reach. The product is made from quality materials and can be easily folded in cases when you are not using it.

If you would like to take advantage of exercises for your chest, take uses dumbbells instead of a barbell, then be sure to get an appropriate setting as well.

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When it comes to looking at how to build bigger pecs, you need to start focusing on physical activities that are able to target the primary muscle groups that are located in your chest.

You also need to focus on ensuring your diet is able to accommodate the changes in your weight training routine.

We shared some important tips to help you increase the mass of your pecs – consider implementing these tips to get you started with your journey to bigger, more defined pecs.

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